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Production of curd cheese desserts:

Production of curd cheese desserts is performed by BUDALUX® machine lines, all technological operations of production until dessert packaging are effected automatically.
As a result of decades of development we manufacture BUDALUX® machine lines equipped with the most up-to-date electric control system in the typical sizes of
6 000 and 12 000 pieces per hour, in case of 30g desserts.
The touch screen (or rotatory button handling on demand) of central control box is used for machine line handling.

Raw material of curd cheese desserts:

  • Homogenized curd cheese mass, prepared according to recipe, main components are: curd cheese (fresh cheese created by acidic fermentation), butter or other vegetable oil, sugar or other sweetener, lemon or vanilla flavour (technology and recipe are provided),
  • Special additives, developed for dessert production (delivered continuously),
  • Cocoa or chocolate covering mass,
  • Fruit jelly in case of filled bars,
  • Preprinted packaging foil (support in definition of proper size and graphics design is provided).

Production process of curd cheese desserts:

Raw materials according to recipe are scaled and filled into the mixer-homogenizer, where curd cheese mass giving the corpse of desserts is mixed. Before consuming mass is stored in transport carriages inside cold storage. Chilled mass is filled into the forming machine, to relieve filling the use of curd cheese mass transport carriages (additional item) and carriage lifting dumper (additional item) is highly recommended. Machine line forms curd cheese mass canes in 5 or 10 rows according to machine version by continuous extruding. On demand with the help of filling feeder equipment (additional item) fruit jelly can be filled into the centerline of desserts. Canes are cut to the set legth by the cutting equipment and furthered into the automatic topper, which covers the desserts. Covering mass is prepared in the melting equipment (additional item). Covering mass of desserts is hardened while going through the coolant tunnel, and desserts of 30g or 40g are completed.
Readymade desserts are passed into the automatic feeder which furthers them into the flowpack system packaging machine type LINEPACK® (in case of the 10-line version into 2 packaging machines working in synchrony) which packs them into BOPP foil.
Ink jet printer (type chosen by Buyer) mounted on the packaging machine dates products. Packed products are furthered to the rotary collecting table, where they are put into cartons. Cold storage (between +2 and +6 °C) is required until consumption.

Composition of BUDALUX® curd cheese dessert processing machine line:

Composition of machine line is displayed on the machine placing draft. Basic execution machine lines include items without any remarks, items possible to order optionally are remarked as „additional items”.

Túrórudi gyártó gépsor

  • 1 - Central control box
  • (2) - Carriage lifting dumper
    (additional item)
  • 3 - Forming machine
  • (4) - Filling feeder equipment
    (additional item)
  • 5 - Cutting equipment
  • 6 - Automatic chocolate topper
  • (7) - Chocolate melting-refilling equipment additional item
  • 8 - Coolant tunnel
  • 9 - Feeding equipment
  • 10 - Packaging machine LINEPACK®
  • 11 - Worktable