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Our flowpack system LINEPACK® universal packaging machines are operating at factories originally owned by FUNDY, JACOBS-SUCHARD, STOLLWERCK and at factories of NESTLÉ for decades.
In the last 10 years we have delivered more than 300 pcs LINEPACK® packaging machines for packing desserts, chocolate bars and other pieced goods into 12 countries.

Some product references packed by LINEPACK® packaging machines:

  • card calendar – State Printing House, Hungary
  • solar-eclipse sunglasses in 1999
  • plastic cutlery – Piringer Ltd, Hungary
  • car scenting – La Paloma Ltd, Hungary
  • „Sport”-branded chocolate bar – Chocolate Factory of Budapest (our first machine in 1976)
  • nougat bars – FUNDY Ltd, Hungary
  • curd cheese comfit – TURBON Ltd, Hungary
  • chocolate-milk desserts – CHOCO-MILK Ltd, Hungary
  • sterilized gauze – RICO bandage factory, Hungary
  • cookies – NESTLÉ
  • coned ice-cream – NESTLÉ
  • ice-cream cakes – NESTLÉ
  • marzipan – Szamos Marcipán Ltd, Hungary
  • chesnut bars – Maroni Ltd, Hungary
  • musli bars – CERBONA Ltd, Hungary
  • coconut-chocolate bars – COCO HOUSE Ltd, Hungary
  • ball-bearing – Ball-bearing Factory of Diósd, Hungary
  • vanilla sugar, 5-10 pcs multipack – SZILASFOOD Ltd, Hungary
  • cheese slices 6-8 pcs multipack – ERU Hungária Cheese factory, Hungary
  • curd cheese desserts – SOLE Inc, Piros Kockás Ltd, Rost Hellas SA (Greece), and 32 other LINEPACK® packaging machines for 22 curd cheese dessert producing lines in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Uzbekistan.

Our BUDALUX® curd cheese dessert processing line is a market leader machinery: by July 2016 we have delivered more than 30 complete BUDALUX® curd cheese dessert processing lines into 8 countries (Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, China).

Major references:

  • Vidnoye Dessert Factory, Moscow, Russia
  • Ochakovo Dairy Factory, Moscow, Russia
  • Tsaritsyno Dairy Factory, Moscow, Russia (2 machine lines)
  • Penza Dairy Factory, Russia
  • Kursk Dairy Factory, Russia
  • Tatarstan-Sete Dairy Factory, Kazan, Russia
  • Min Dairy Factory, Uzbekistan
  • Zlagoda Dairy Factory, Ukraine
  • CARD-BOX Inc, Kisinyov, Moldova
  • Belc Dairy Factory, Moldova
  • Rost Hellas Dessert Factory, Greece
  • Samokov Dessert Factory, Bulgaria
  • Vileyka Dairy Factory, Belarus
  • TURBON Ltd, Veszprém, Hungary
  • Barcs Dairy Factory, Hungary (resettled in China)
  • SOLE-MIZO Inc, Makó, Szeged (Hungary), Leskovac (Serbia)
  • Piros Kockás Ltd, Budapest, Hungary
  • Fengning Dairy Factory, China