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FLOWPACK packaging machines:

LINEPACK<sup>®</sup> típusú flowpack rendszerű vízszintes csomagológép

Packaging machine type LINEPACK® equipped with two-reel foil console and pneumatic printer.


Universal horizontal packaging machines type LINEPACK® are suitable for packing of pieced goods: chocolate bars, curd cheese desserts, wafers, cakes, plastic cutlery, bandage, soaps, promotion cards, car scenting into BOPP foil. Machine is made of food industrial stainless steel of company THYSSEN-KRUPP, therefore it is applied for packing of dairy industrial desserts, ice creams – eg. in Russian factories of NESTLÉ. LINEPACK® packaging machines are reliable universal machines for factories of any sizes.

Construction, operation:

Packaging of curd cheese desserts
Packaging machines LINEPACK® are manufactured with application of the most up-to-date elements. Typically no mechanic transmissions (chain or belt drives) are used in the driving system, main units are possessing electric drives fitted directly onto their shafts. Synchrony of these units is assured by modern PLC-based control system.

Due to these features, LINEPACK® packaging machines are of simple construction, easy-to-operate, apart from regular cleaning nor yet they practically require maintenance as drives and bearings are filled with life-long synthetic slush which is needless to change.

Control system, instruments, sensors, synchronizing and driving systems of LINEPACK® packaging machines are the most reliable and recent products of company OMRON. For operation and adjustment of parameters a coloured graphics touch-screen is used. It is possible to choose from the parameter library by touching the hand-pointer icon: adjusting package length, packing pace per minute, sealing temperatures, positioning the print on the foil, even the position of product inside package is possible to correct. Chosen values are possible to save for several products and operator may choose the proper program for a particular product at a few simple touches. LINEPACK® packaging machines could optionally be completed with any type of ink jet or thermal printer, for its operation the control system of packaging machine gives the synchrony sign.


5-piece multipacking of 10g vanilla sugar.
A special infeed system was created for multipacking of small sachets adjustable between 2 and 10 pieces. The system receives filled sachets forwarded in several rows from the sachet filling-packing machine, creates sachet coloumns and feeds them into the LINEPACK® packaging machine.

Machine is forwarding multipack packages onto the rotary collecting table.
At outfeed single and multipack packages arrive onto a flat-surfaced collecting table, or (eg. in case of curd cheese desserts) onto a transversally placed conveyor collecting packages lineally, which facilitates filling packages into cartons.

Dimensions of LINEPACK® packaging machine types:

Machines are manufactured in two typical dimensions according to the perimeter of products and width of packing foil:

  • LINEPACK®-220 – for foil width max. 220mm
  • LINEPACK®-360 – for foil width max. 360mm

Both of machines are possible to mount with

  • double sealing heads for shorter product
  • simple sealing heads for longer products

When requesting for a LINEPACK® packaging machine quotation, product to be packed should be named, required packaging speed (pcs/min), legth, width (diameter) and height of products should be defined – only according to this information the suitable construction and LINEPACK® machine type can be chosen.

Main features of LINEPACK® packaging machine, basic execution:

  • Infinitely variable transmission, electric frequency converter and servo-motor driving system without any mechanic transmissions,
  • PLC-based control system, giving control sign for printer,
  • Operating and programming through the coloured touch-screen,
  • Electronic capacity regulation in the whole operating range,
  • Universal package forming unit, adjustable to product,
  • Stepless regulation of packaging length in the whole packaging range,
  • Longitudinal sealing unit with pulling and sealing wheel pairs,
  • Double or simple rotary transversal sealing head, mounted with straight cutter,
  • Digital intelligent temperature regulation at foil sealing (PID system),
  • Food industrial stainless steel working surfaces, frame and cover,
  • Infeed unit, 1750mm long,
  • Outfeed unit, 630mm long,
  • Power supply: 3 kW, 400/230 V, 50 Hz,
  • Ingress Protection: IP 54,
  • Dimensions of machine (l*w*h): 3200mm * 760mm * 1870mm,
  • Net weight: 510 kg,
  • Packaging foil used: 20-50 micron thick BOPP foil, preprinted, with or without markers.

Additional items to basic execution LINEPACK® packaging machines:

  • Photocell marker-sign sensor with electronic synchronization,
  • Two-reel foil console and guiding system (instead of one-reel),
  • Automatic opening of longitudinal sealing heads at stops,
  • Transversal sealing head mounted with zig-zag cutter (instead of straight cutter),
  • Protection of transversal sealing head against damage caused by solid objects,
  • Tear-tape adapter (made in the UK),
  • Printer console,
  • Ink jet printer (according to buyer's choice),
  • Lengthened infeed unit according to requirements,
  • Automatic infeed unit, customized execution for certain products.