BUDAGÉP Budai Gépgyártó Kft.
BUDAGÉP Kft. Hungary 1211 Budapest, Központi út 17/b.
Tel: +36-1-784-1116 and +36-70-645-8234  
E-mail: budagep@budagep.hu

Extruder Forming Machines:

BUDAGEP manufactures two-step screw extruder forming machines equipped with pneumatic cutting device principally for food industrial application. A special vertical propeller-screw is placed in the hopper of machine due to which trouble free infeed of thicker raw materials is possible. It is possible to produce filled products with the help of twinned extruders. Extruders are delivered mounted with forming heads meeting customers' requirements.
At the end of process packaging is performed by our LINEPACK® packaging machine. This kind of twinned extruder-LINEPACK® machine group produces eg. a dessert, filled coconut-chocolate bars, very popular in Hungary.

Töltelékes kókuszrúd gyártása Forming of coconut-chocolate bars is performed by twinned extruders. The bigger extruder forms the corpse of product, the smaller injects filling material into the centerline of bars. In case of thicker product forming-cutting is effected in one line, at thinner products in two lines, beside 300 kg/h capacity.